How quick can I begin the lessons once I have registered?
We’ll usually take 1 – 24 hours (during Monday – Friday) to reply to your query. After we’ve verified your chosen schedule, we’ll make the required arrangements with the piano teacher. Based on their availability, you’d generally manage to begin the first lesson within one to two days.

Do your piano teachers possess the appropriate certificates?
Of course, all of our piano teachers are certified with a minimum of a Grade 8 by ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) or Trinity Guildhall. Besides that, most of our teachers possess extra music diplomas and/ or degrees together with related practical teaching experience. In case you will need to verify the teacher’s qualification, make sure to notify us. We’ll either email you a copy or tell the teacher to bring them along on the very first lesson.

Would I be permitted to change the piano teacher?
Yes, you can. On the other hand, we’d advise you to work together with the piano teacher for a minimum of a month prior to deciding to have a change. That is to permit much more communication and understanding in between the two of you to develop an excellent student-teacher relationship. Even though there might be a difference in learning and teaching style, we’re certain that the teachers are able to accommodate. Even so, should you still wish to change the teacher, you’ll be able to still call us to request a change. Please be aware that any lesson carried out is still chargeable. You may have to top-up the balance (if required) to begin fresh with a new piano teacher.

Are there any fees and penalties for missing a lesson?
We’re conscious that occasionally you need to focus on an unexpected event, which in turn causes you to skip a lesson. In these circumstances, make-case lessons will be available. On the other hand, it’s restricted to the teacher’s schedule as well as availability. We’d suggest you to liaise directly with the teacher in terms of a make-up session.

In case I am not available to attend a session, how many days notice should I give to the teacher?
The best scenario is usually to tell your teacher once you know that you’re not able to attend your lesson. In case you’re not able to do this, then, please provide a minimum of a twenty-four hours notice to the teacher, particularly for those whose teachers are needed to visit your house. Do keep in mind that you’ll have to discuss with the teacher on his or her policies for public holidays as well as make-up sessions. This can avoid any kind of misunderstandings and miscomunications, that could result in inconvenience to both sides.

Do your current teachers assist in preparing my kid for the piano examinations?
Of course, our piano teachers are qualified to prepare and register pupils for the piano examinations. You can talk to the teacher on the 1st lesson.

I am interested! How can I register?
It’s a rather simple process! All you need to do is to click on the “Register Now” button… It will take you to a form, and you simply fill up the form and then send it to us. Once we’ve received the form, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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