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Welcome to piano lessons Singapore Dot Net. Are you searching for a piano teacher? We provide piano lessons for adults and children, feel free to contact us and we will source and find a devoted and experienced piano teacher for you.

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Most adults or kids can begin to learn piano right away with a good piano teacher. When you learn how to play piano – as you find yourself becoming better at playing it, obviously, you’re ready to start playing your own music – clearly, you may start immediately, and enjoy it.

Piano lessons singapore picture..Are you…

 – Looking for piano lessons in singapore, but are having problems in finding a good piano  teacher for your kid to take piano lessons

 – Searching for piano lessons singapore for adults, and want to locate a private piano teacher near the place you stay?

Find a Piano Teacher

We specialize in arranging piano lessons Singapore

– Almost all our piano teachers are Grade 8 ,diploma holders and above.

– A lot of them have professional exposure in concert events as well as piano recitals.

– Full time devoted personal music teachers are available too.

– Choice to conduct personal piano lessons at your house . or perhaps at the piano teacher’s studio.

– Of course, our service is free of charge for both the parents and students.

Rates For Piano Lessons Singapore

(Includes theory & practical)

Beginner – Grade 1  :  $100 – $120

Grade 2 – 3 :  $130 – $160

Grade 4 – 5 :  $170 – $200

Grade 6 – 8 :  $220 – $280

– Fees are based on 4 lessons a month

– Beginner to Grade3: 45min (per sesson)

– Grade 4 onwards: 1hour (per session)


Why Choose Us?

 Good-quality piano teacher assured or have it changed.

 Lesson personalized to meet your requirements.

 Lesson at your chosen timing and timing.

 No Hidden Cost.


Our Satisfaction Assurance

All of our piano teachers have attained a minimum of Grade 8 both in theory and practical. They’re skilled and experience in carrying out piano lessons in Singapore. You are able to ask for their certifications on your very first piano lesson with them. On the other hand, if you’re in some way discover them unsuitable, do call us for a replacement teacher right after the first lesson.



Special Bonus When You engage a Piano Teacher Through Us

Complimentary Audio and E-book

When you get a piano teacher from us, we will offer you a complimentary Audio and E-book – ‘Learn To Play Piano’ (worth S$34.90)

piano teacher picture

Summary of this audio e-book

* This audio ebook describes piano concepts in language you can understand. This audio ebook is written in plain language with consideration to people who have never played the piano before. You will find that you can understand this guide better than other beginner’s lessons you have tried in the past. It is just that easy!

* You will learn about detailed information on music for the piano. It does not matter whether you want to learn chords and improvisation or learn to read music. This audio e-book gives you information on both. You can find out everything from where to put your fingers on the keys to how to play an impromptu song. This audio ebook does it all!


Included in the package

Introduction to Piano

The Home Keys A-G

Scales explained

How to read music

Keys and Key signatures

Practice methods and much more


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